Selangor – I City Tour


Destinations : Shah Alam - ICity

Departure & Return Location : Hotel Site
Departure Time : Between 5:00 PM till 6:00 PM
Price Includes : I-City Entrance Fees, All transportation in destination location
Price Excludes : Guide Service Fee, Any Private Expenses


1st Destination : HOUSE OF HORROR

Ghosts, ghouls, spectres and other denizens of the dark inhabit this 15 thousand square foot haunted house. Combining mechatronics (machine and electronics), Night Art and live performance, nightmares are brought to life to provide spine-chilling entertainment for those brave enough to venture within. There are spooky surprises at every turn, the eerie atmosphere heightened by special sound and visual effects.

2nd Destination : CITY OF DIGITAL LIGHTS

This one-of-a-kind attraction uses over a million LED lights to create a ‘lightscape’ set in a forest of maple and pine with jewel-toned luminosity. It features an outdoor theme park with rides such as the Superswing, Space Walk and the all-time favorite – 2-Tier carousel.
Visitors can also visit Mist Fountain and see the lights blur in the thick foggy mist or be mesmerized by the Dancing Waters – a spectacular display of choreographed audio, lights, lasers and water jets that shoot up to 40 meters

3rd Destination : RED CARPET

Red Carpet is Malaysia’s first home-grown interactive wax museum. It brings together an all-star cast of glamour and glitz, power and politics, the strange and wonderful in a 30 thousand square foot Oscar Awards setting venue.
All of its 100 exhibits are modeled after well-known personalities in various categories – World Icons, Celebrities, Sports Stars, World Book of Records, Legends and Interactive, of which there are ten (sound and motion automated)

4th Destination : TRICK ART MUSEUM

Exhibits in this museum are based on the ancient art of Trompe L’oeil. They tease the mind with optical illusions created by clever renderings of shadows and subjects that extend beyond the picture frame.
Housed within an 8,000 square foot exhibition space, the museum features five art themes – Masterpieces, Egyptian, Marine Life, Animal Kingdom and Modern Classics. Visitors are encouraged to have fun posing for photographs with the exhibits

5th Destination : SUBMARINE

6th Destination : ANCHOR AWAY

7th Destination : FERRIS WHEEL

8th Destination : SNOW WALK

SnowWalk is South East Asia’s first indoor winter wonderland. It is climate-controlled at below 5 degrees Celsius with 100 mm of snow underfoot and provides an unforgettable Arctic experience to anyone looking to escape the tropical heat.
It features 50 thousand square feet of floor space and over 100 tonnes of ice sculptures shaped by a team of 30 artists from Harbin, China. It also features a play zone for fun activities such as snowman-making, ice-sliding and tobogganing.



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