About Us

We invite you to embark on the journey of your life

Travel is the best way to learn about any place, and our tours make it easy to get to the heart of a destination. The travel realm is constantly budding with new destinations and infinite opportunities! Our professional planners create innovative packages to satisfy your wanderlust so that each traveler is ensured to experience a memorable journey. Our Company consistently delivers exclusive quality products and services for world-class travel. Since our debut, our reputation is held in high esteem by our partners and patrons alike. With your support and our energetic team, JK Emerald Tours will soon surpass our own goals to pave the way for a new era of customized travel.


To provide a wonderful, mesmerizing experience that have safe and friendly standard services. And to fulfill this mission “JK Emerald Travel & Tours” has established the following goals:
• Acquire and give information and idea to meet the needs and satisfaction of the guest or clients.
• Provide good vehicles that qualified for the guests or clients’ request.
• Manage the fleet in a manner that ensure the possible lowest operational cost while maintaining our company standards.
• Organized our friendly staff and drivers to provide superior services including Reservation & dispatch.
• Make sure that have 24Hrs operational services to ensure that all the inquiries, details and requests will be answered.
• Establish policies and procedures to give the standard services to our clients or guests.
• And our superior goal is to give the best and memorable experiences to our clients or guests.
JK Emerald Travel & Tours finds ways to make possible the impossible request of your needs, because we want to give the unforgettable memories for you & for your love ones.


JK Emerald Travel & Tours' vision is to be the most and top leading travel & tours agency nationwide and all over the world, we will earn our costumer’s enthusiasm through continued expansion, improvement, teamwork and innovation”


Planning the best travel experiences from start to finish is what our team is specially trained to do. We'll help you find your tour, show you how to customize it with excursions that fit your travel style and even share tips for packing and preparing to go. Once you're on tour, you can get in touch at any time thanks to our team of 24/7 Emergency Support Specialists. Quality is of the utmost importance, so we have a dedicated team that reads every single review that we receive and makes updates as needed. We want to give you more of what you’ve loved from us in the past and create ways for you to explore new areas.

It takes a dedicated team to bring each tour to life. There’s an intricate network of people working to create a beautiful experience for you and your travelers—before, during, and after your tour.


"JK Emerald Travel & Tours founded to connect and discover the beauty of Malaysia which is known as “The Heart Of Asia”. Our Company's main priority is to enhance the good tourism partnership in every country around the world. And also help to promote and discover the beauty beyond all the state and city of Malaysia. As associates of the company we prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of our clients to have a wonderful experience with us."
- Jayakumar Vaiyavury